William Miller - Ruined Polaroids (2011)

"These pictures are taken with a camera that is, by most definitions, broken: an old Polaroid SX-70 camera.  With its first use I realized the camera wasn’t functioning properly. It sometimes spills out 2 pictures at a time and the film often gets stuck in the gears, exposing and mangling them in unpredictable ways. The image as it is exposed within the camera becomes pulled and stressed by these violent mechanisms, often to abstraction. Each one is determined by the idiosyncrasies of the film and the camera.

This project, Ruined Polaroids, is an unintended exploration into the 3-dimensional physical character of an antiquated photographic medium that touches on subjects such as the nature of chance, destruction and what constitutes a photograph.”

- Artists’ Statement on Ruined Polaroids

Anonymous : Is ignoring somebody for a week a valid way of letting you know they upset you?


No. The silent treatment is gross. It doesn’t show you’re upset. It just shows you’re petty and childish, prone to throw a tantrum rather than actually approach your problems like an adult. No one over the age of twelve should be using the silent treatment.

especially if there’s a “timed” treatment. like “i won’t talk to you for a week”. OKAY, lets allow that time frame to pass- then what? “hey, times up! your punishment’s over! i’ve decided i can talk to you again!”

Fendi Spring/Summer 2012

so i work as a receptionist at a skilled nursing facility and the work “rehab” is in the name. because of that a lot of people mistaken this place for a drug and alcohol facility. this place has over 200 phones that all dial out the same number, but all calls go to me first

this bitch calls and complains to take her number off because she doesnt know why shes been getting calls which doesnt bother me because this happens often 

but what did bother me is that she said "i dont know why i keep getting calls from here. i have nothing to do with this kind of place- all the people in my family are functional, no one has anything to do with alcohol or drugs!"

how fucking ignorant are you. i dont even need to explain the fault in that sentence

❝ You were raped months ago: it can’t possibly still bother you.

— Business Graduate Student (via shitrichcollegekidssay)


by Brianna Ortega.


Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen



❝ When god became lonely
he created man,
Or was it
When man became lonely
he created god.

— Melanie Exler strengthenizer  (via mirroir)

(Source: strengthenizer)

This is our time: teens to twenties.
Full of destruction and utter beauty.
Full of heartfelt laughter and aching pain
and doing things we said we’d never do again.

You can’t help but fall in love with who we are
and simultaneously be disgusted by what we’ve done so far.
What a wonderful age of love and disgrace,
I don’t think anyone would come back to do this all over again.